The short version
Welcome! We are a Pittsburgh-area community of people with academic backgrounds who are interested in exploring non-academic careers. We gather to network, tell our stories, and support each other in an informal, friendly setting. Whether you are a grad student, a recent grad, post-doc, a professor or researcher or professional who has made the transition already, please join us! All welcome!

History + team
Scholars at Large was co-founded by anu jain and Alexandra Oliver in 2013. More about our team here.

Our mission is to support academics as they explore non-academic careers. Rather than focusing on ongoing crises in higher education, we strive to communicate positive messages about the tremendous potential of trained academics to achieve personal satisfaction in professional settings, while adding value to organizations in a variety of sectors and enterprises. We do this in three primary ways: by building a network of support, by highlighting the professional profiles of academics who have been successful in non-traditional occupations, and by connecting individual job-seekers with resources locally that can facilitate their professional development.

We also aim to build a collaborative network among professionals who have successfully transitioned into non-academic careers.

Our organization does not advocate for any particular career path as more or less appropriate for PhDs, but rather affirms the value of informed, individual choice.

About Versatile PhD
We are part of a nation-wide network of over 30,000 likeminded souls, connected virtually through versatilephd.com. This online commmunity was founded by Paula Chambers in 2003. Subscribing universities include the University of Pittsburgh and CMU.

Yes, we’re on Facebook! Join for tips, tricks, jobs, resources, new events and more.

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