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Pittsburgh Versatile PhD organizes workshops for professional development. Topics include practical stuff (converting a CV into a resumé), building skills (perfecting your elevator pitch), or taking that hard first step of identifying your interests and passions.

There are no upcoming workshops currently. Interested in a VPhD workshop? Contact us to chat.

Past workshops

“Reinventing Yourself From the Inside Out”

November 3, 2016 7:30 pm
The Global Switchboard
305 34th Street Pittsburgh, PA 15201

RSVP: Email anu@inclusant.com to register. Participation fee: $10.00, payable on site by cash, personal check (made out to “Inna Nirenburg”) or credit card.

Workshop description

Many of us go through life with an inner sense of unease, like somewhere along the line we just haven’t clicked with our “right path”.  We yearn for a way to put our skills, smarts, time, training, and passion into something meaningful, yet we lack focus and direction.
Don’t worry – you’re not alone.  And there is a way through the inner chaos.
Does this sound like you:
– Still not sure what you want to be when you grow up?
– Still hunting for that elusive passion and purpose you thought you grad degree would provide?
– Know you need a change, but not sure exactly what or how?
– Unclear on what steps to take to become as inspired and “on purpose” as you know you could be?
– Want to make a difference, but devolve into internal chaos whenever you start to think about it?
Join us for an interactive evening with coach Inna Nirenburg, where you will explore your unique path to reinvention and finding your next step using a variety of individual and group exercises.  Bring a notebook and pen, and get ready to amaze yourself with your own insight.
NOTE: this is NOT a workshop on career options or advice on how to change careers – those have their place elsewhere. Rather, we will take an inside-out approach, focusing on your inner self first as the true guide to your external transformation.
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About the facilitator:

Inna Nirenburg has been helping people reinvent themselves and transform their lives for more than a decade.  She is a powerful, grounded, and insightful life coach and workshop leader, and the owner of hey! What’s Next?.  Inna uses a variety of tools and exercises along with her own dynamic, soulful, and hard-hitting coaching style to illuminate the dark corners and bring reinvention, transformation, and ultimately personal evolution to her clients’ lives.  Learn more at www.heywhatsnext.com

Immigration Law Seminar

Food will be served.
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